How does it work, if you are a company?

  1. Create a profile
  2. Search for a perfect candidate via our robust search engine
  3. Find and compare the most suitable candidates
  4. Post a job

Employers who have a hard time finding a perfect candidate have a number of benefits. Crew Pages provide them with free access to our database and an advanced search engine that guarantees them an ideal crewmate.

  • Free access to the extensive database of maritime professionals
  • An advanced search engine that filtrates a candidate by certificates that they have, work experience, availability, wage range
  • Direct contact with crewmates without any provisioning
  • Ability to shortlist candidates by selecting and comparing them in your favorites
  • Ability to contact already employed candidates, and giving them a chance to change their mind
  • Communicate with the candidate through the platform, and cut the cost of traveling to meet him