What is crew pages?

Crew Pages is a social platform bringing together all crew recruiters and companies across the maritime industry. Our goal is to provide equal visibility and a fair chance to every candidate by giving them tools to create a perfect CV and exposure towards employers looking for crew on yachts, cruise, and merchant / offshore ships.

Crew Pages is an online platform aiming to become the largest global database of all maritime professionals. We are a group of marine professionals committed to raising the bar in the world of marine recruitment. Over the years, we’ve witnessed substandard resumes, sky-high enrollment expenses and learned how demanding and time-consuming crew recruitment can be both for job seekers and employers. This led us to innovate and build crewpages.com, a user-friendly platform offering crew members access to EACH advertised vacancy and a free professionally-looking resume created in a few steps. And more than that: our interactive social platform allows you to share the news from the industry, personal experiences or advice for your fellow crew. You can connect directly with your colleagues and follow the recruiters, expanding your network and opportunities. If you are a recruiter, captain, or maritime employer seeking a perfect employee match, our search engine will filter adequate candidates by key requirements in a matter of seconds, completely free of charge.

How does it work, if you are a crew member?

  1. Create a profile
  2. Answer questions about your education and experiences
  3. Get a professionally designed CV
  4. Apply for jobs in one click
  5. Share your experiences and expertise on the Main Deck

As WE BELIEVE THAT EVERY CV DESERVES TO BE SEEN, there are a number of benefits that are available to each member:

  • Each member is visible to every maritime employer (Yachting, Cruising, Merchant / Offshore)
  • Each CV is automatically generated to look sharp and professional
  • Avoiding registration with various recruiters - they can all find you here.
  • Skipping long and unnecessary interviews, travels, and save money by talking with a recruiter via our platform
  • Add your skills and certificates to your profile and secure a more paying job or a higher position

Crew Pages are very keen on providing a fair chance to every one of our users, and our software is developed in such a way to do so by automatically:

  • Shuffling CV database so that every candidate has the same exposure to employers
  • If you are a couple who wants to board together, there is an option to do so
  • If your CV is attractive to employers, they can add your profile to their favorites and contact you regularly